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Alexander Ferrer

“Alex enjoyed everything about the ocean, the way it smelled to the way the waves crashed onto themselves. He even enjoyed the sound of a boats engine far off in the distance. He had a dog he forever loved and never stopped talking about named King.
Prior to becoming an officer in New Jersey, he was also a border patrol agent. As an officer, he upheld the notion of protecting those who could not protect themselves, and it carried over into his personal life for those he cared deeply about.
Alex had a superb memory and was full on information from the important to the funny and useless.
He was always drawn to NY and enjoyed taking the ferry.
He was a role model for many of his friends’ kids, as he cared for them as if they were his own.
He was the guy you would want by your side when in battle or if things started looking down.” Remembrances shared by his friend, LJ
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