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Alexis Johnson

In Memory of LSSN Alexis Lynn Johnson, USN

September 22, 1997 – February 21, 2021

USS Abraham Lincoln – Middle East Deployment

“Alexis is survived by her twins, Daniel and Emma (1 year old), her mother Rose; sisters Haley,

Hannah, Mary-Elizabeth, her brother Michael, and adopted brother, JJ, and her niece Kailana, She

also has three siblings on her dad’s side: Eric USN, Chantilly, and CJ. 

Alexis was born and raised in Commerce City, Colorado. She was a very active kid in high school. She was in choir, on the swim team was part of Inspire, and helped other kids. She loved all animals and was a sucker for horses. She had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone even if she didn’t care for you and you needed the shirt off her back – she would have given it to you. She was my very head strong child and she would let you know it. She loved being a mom and made having twins look so easy.

She joined the Navy with the mindset of becoming the first woman Navy seal. She would

always tell me “I joined to protect my family and the ones I love.” In addition, she wanted to be stationed on Guam because that’s where I was raised. She started to struggle after being sexually

assaulted in the Navy and had to continue to serve on the same ship with her assaulter. They finally

changed her ship and sent him home with a slap on the wrist.” Shared by her mother, Rose.

She called Colorado home and is buried at Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver, CO

Johnson Alexis USN