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Andrew Fitzpatrick

In Memory of 

SSG Andrew Scott Fitzpatrick, USA

April 10, 1971 – December 17, 2012

Scott made us proud by serving in the U.S. Army for almost 20 years.  He left his small town here in Georgia and grew from a shy little boy into a strong man who traveled the world.  He had a passion for body building and began in high school, continuing up until he passed.  He ranked #1 at the base in Iraq, having served there three tours.  He was bench pressing 500 lbs. YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBHaoECF0RA&fbclid=IwAR3_pdM0uZTwZARjIPsKpFkh18Q7Wcb1WBpf07fvUrH8_LSNRexDcfUNGQ0

Scott always called from the foreign countries (where he was deployed) to talk for hours.  He was in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  In the US he served at Ft. Knox, Ft. Hood, and Ft. Stewart.  He went to Iraq three times and his last deployment was to Afghanistan.  Training led him to become a tank mechanic, and he always loved what he was doing and did it proudly.  Scott came home to his wife in Savannah that fateful last Christmas.  He had been calling his dad every night for at least a month.  As we talked to him, we didn’t see anything to indicate he was stressed to the point of suicide. Of course, there was PTSD as he had been on the battlefield for four tours of duty.  But he got up that next morning and the army ruled it suicide.  We were beyond devastated as we were able to spend a few days with him in the hospital before he passed.  We never got to say goodbye.  His passing has left a huge hole that nothing can fill.  We had already lost a baby years ago, and our 23 year old only daughter in 2006.  And just one year after Scott went to Heaven, our youngest, David, was diagnosed with leukemia and fought valiantly for two years only to go to Heaven in 2016.  We are living every parent’s nightmare.  But we trust in God and believe that we will see them again one day.  In their honor, I was able to write a book called “They Called Me Job.”  It is a story of a real struggle with my faith, but ends with the hope that I will see them again. (shared by Brenda Fitzpatrick)

Some remembrances:

“SSG Fitzpatrick was an amazing leader, person. He was always filled with laughter, always had a smile on his face whenever I saw him around the motorpool. I will continue to pray & keep you & your family in my prayers.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss. Fitz was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, he would give you the shirt off his back to help you. I will never forget how much of a great friend and Soldier he was. He will truly be missed.”

“You will be missed, my friend. My family’s prayers go out to you and yours. Always a cheerful guy with an up attitude no matter how hard the task was.”

“I’m sorry for your loss. He was a great man and leader; he will be missed.”

Resting Place:  Ila Cemetery, Ila, Georgia

Fitzpatrick Scott USA