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Andrew McFadden

This is ARMY PFC ANDREW MCFADDEN. RECIPIENT OF TWO PURPLE HEARTS, Two tours in Iraq. Fell to PTSD on June 5th 2011
Andrew was born on April 4, 1977 to Irvin and Chris (Beguhl) McFadden. He was the middle child and was a joy when he was born. Andy (as he was called) grew up in Jerome, Idaho, and then he lived a short time in Nampa, Carey, Jerome and Boise. He graduated from Nampa High in 1995. He attended Warner Pacific in Portland, Oregon. He enlisted in the Washington National Guard in April 2003, deployed to Iraq 15 of Nov 2003. He was then deployed to Katrina in Sept of 2005. He then transferred to The Idaho National Guard in Nov of 2005. He was recipient of two purple hearts. He was wounded twice and ended up serving as a body guard for General Flying in an Apache Helicopter.
Upon returning to Boise he worked for many places including Mr. Formal and he spent his summers working for the Boise river volunteer’s helping many people floating down the river. He was a member of Friends of the Boise River, a group dedicated to the preservation of the Boise river which runs through the center of our city.