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Benjamin Leftrick

Ben served with the U.S. Army in Iraq in 2010 and Afghanistan in 2011-2012.
From Antioch, TN, the SIXTY FOOT Spiderz was his motorcycle club. Ben’s description of what the name means: “the first sixty feet in a drag race are the most important. Everyone is scared of spiders. Hence the name “SIXTY FOOT Spiderz!”
“My sincere condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Spc. Benjamin David Leftrick, Tennessee Army National Guard / OEF Veteran. I am forever grateful for your service to our country. Your service and sacrifices will not be forgotten. You are a “TRUE AMERICAN HERO”. May you Forever Rest in Peace. Stand Down. Your mission is complete.”
Layla – Ben’s 15 year old cousin wrote this for him:
But Now We Won’t See Each Other
In the sky,
I look at you day and night.
You are both sun and moon,
You keep me warm and protect me.
Even though you are gone,
I feel you and see you everyday.
I have missed you day and night,
But you are there with me.
We knew each other,
But now we won’t see each other.
Hear me now and never leave,
You are still everything.
You will always be my friend,
and my family.
You gave me happiness,
and loved me.
But now we won’t see each other.
I was there with and for you,
In return, you did the same.
I will miss you forever,
Until I am with you.
I will stay with you,
and be happy with you.
Until then, we won’t see each other.