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Benjamin Miller

Ben grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was an only child to Vel Carter. He was raised by his Mom and Step-Dad, Lee. He graduated from Cottonwood High School in 1994. He attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, which is where he was when he decided to join the Army. His field of Study was History and Geography. He took a trip to 21 different Countries with his geography department. While on this trip he realized that he was able to easily pick up the language in these Countries. He saw a sign posted on campus at Weber State that said, “Are you interested in becoming a Linguist” he had no idea at the time that it was the Army, until he went to the address on the sign. It was indeed the Army Recruiting office. He decided he would go in and talk to them. They scheduled a linguist test for him which he took and got 100% on. Without telling Mom he joined the Army. He got married a week before basic training to Jeannie Earl. Ben excelled in language school. He was the top Hebrew Linguist and later became an instructor of where he was a Hebrew. He deployed to Israel. ~Vel Carter