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Blaine Webb

AWR2 (NAC/AW/SW) Blaine Michael Webb, 25, of Coronado, passed away at his residence on Oct. 18, 2013.
Blaine was born in Coronado, California, the son of Shari Combs Webb, of Greenville, SC and the late Randall R. Webb. He was an Aviation Rescue Swimmer with the U.S. Navy stationed at HSC-3 in Coronado, California. His previous duty assignment included HS-11 in Jacksonville, Florida. He enjoyed surfing and rock climbing.
Memorial services with military honors: Jacksonville, Florida and also in Coronado, California.

From Blaine’s mother: “My son touched many lives in a positive way; he was a true leader in his own right. He loved volunteering time at Children’s Hospital during holiday time. Some of his hobbies included
fitness, surfing, golf, camping, bike riding, rock climbing and photography.”