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Brandy Hanla

In Memory of Brandy Alexandra Hanla, US Army

August 1, 1985 – June 29, 2023

It’s so hard to sum up a person’s life into a few paragraphs – especially someone like Brandy.

Brandy Alexandra Hanla (Chierici)

She was born August 1st, 1985 in San Francisco, CA. Growing up surrounded by so much Family – Her mother, Brandy and Father, Peter. Siblings, Joey, Griffin, and Scarlet. Two uncles and an aunt and all the cousins she loved so much. 

She was a proud Army veteran. She was the type of person that always wanted to help others and served as a medic. She deployed to help others in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

She continued in service to others and in the medical field as a phlebotomist. She was loved by her patients for       the children. She was great with them. 

She had so many hobbies and poured her heart into every one of them. Photography, sewing, jewelry making, and her final Love – Riding her motorcycle. As many know, she also loved glitter, bedazzling things and people and everything sparkly in general. 

She passed June 29th, 2023. She is survived by the family above, her husband, Tim, and two beautiful daughters, Marie and Madison. They were her M&Ms. 

A memorial service was held on July 9, 2023 in Massillon, Ohio.

“You were so loved by everyone you came into contact with. You lit up every room you walked into or, more like, busted into. You never did anything timidly – you were a ball of energy at all times. The stories I have heard the last couple days of people’s first encounters with you can be summed up with “And then there was Brandy.” You were a special force of Nature that no one else compares to.  You will be missed by everyone that met you even for a little bit; you were that special of a person. There really aren’t words for the impact you had on all of us.”

Brandy was laid to rest in California.

Hanla Brandy USA