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Charles Rebone

In Memory of SSgt Charles Anthony Rebone, USMC (retired)

December 6, 1962 – January 18, 2019 

Camp Lejeune, NC  1980-2001

Charles was born in Grand Haven, Michigan and loved to travel. He loved being in the Marine Corps and wanted to continue that passion by working on our homebase in Albany, Georgia as a maintenance chief for the motor pool. He enjoyed hunting and fishing and spending time with his family. He retired in 2001 and struggled as a civilian trying to make the adjustment after life in the Corps. He had undiagnosed PTSD and did not want help after his service. He ultimately took his life in January of 2019 leaving his 2 kids and wife of 9 years behind. 

I know that he is at peace now and I want to try and spread awareness of what our families have to go through after the loss of our veterans. The Marine Corps should have done more for us and there should have been more resources available to the families. I have done several suicide awareness rucks in North Carolina and enjoy meeting fellow widows and families. It has helped my journey to meet and speak with others who share my story. It is such a hard road and I wish there was more we could do to support our veterans.

States Charles called home: born in Michigan, lived and served in South and North Carolina and Japan; lived in Georgia at the time of his passing. He chose cremation and his ashes are spread in Emerald Isle, NC, as per his wishes.

Rebone Charles USMC