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Craig Stout

In Memory of LCpl Craig Corbin Stout, USMC

September 10, 1987 – March 12, 2022

Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268 (HMM-268)

“Red Dragons”

Craig grew up running around, playing in the backwoods of Southeast, Ohio. He loved nature, riding motorcycles, and getting his hands dirty fixing anything and everything. He had an absolute heart of gold, a passionate spirit, a brilliant mind, and because of this he had a way of leaving an unforgettable impression on anyone he met. He made friends everywhere he went, in all parts of the country and world, because he could talk to anyone about anything. He had a way of making us all laugh at ourselves with his quick wit, funny faces, the “one finger wave,” as well as his stories of his life that was well-lived. He had a kindness that was rare in this world and his lifelong mission was to passionately protect all living and breathing beings—especially ones that couldn’t protect themselves.

Craig’s battles within himself that he fought day after day couldn’t possibly be seen to the naked eye. Even though he hurt, he continued to show love for everyone around him. However, to say this was a shock would mean that we would turn a blind eye to all the pain and suffering Craig held in his heart, body, and mind. His time serving this country, as an extremely young man, did a number on him and he is not alone in that battle at

home. He had debilitating back pain, arthritis in both ankles, tinnitus and hearing loss and these ailments only scratch the surface of his physical pain. His immense physical pain added to the mental pain he already endured due to depression and PTSD. 

We want his story to be told with raw truth so that it can save other veterans from the fate he chose.

Raising awareness by not painting a picture of a perfectly healthy and happy person is the first step. Although we know he is at peace now, we can’t help but wish he had actively sought the help he deserved while he was alive, with the support of his loving family and friends. We remember Craig with unconditional love and pride in our hearts and we hope his story can help others who are struggling to know that they are not alone, it is not too late and that they are loved, too.

Obituary and memorial video:


Home States: OH and PA (where he resided at the time of his passing)

Stout Craig USMC