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David Campbell

David Lee Campbell was born in Nampa, ID and served in the Army for 8 years. A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was living at Ft. Hood at the time of his death; where his wife is stationed but was on deployment to Korea. He reached out to the VA and to the Chaplain as he had been struggling with thoughts of suicide for a number of months, but received no help. Words from his mother-in-law, “I did write letters to Congress and the Senate and even President Obama. I had gotten quite a number of responses back and was told that there was the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act that Obama signed into law on February 12, 2015. I’ve not heard nor seen any of these funds or aware of any allocated for help with veterans, let alone my son-in-law. News of the Boise Military Veterans Suicide Awareness Rally has inspired me personally. My son-in-law left behind an eight year old daughter and his wife, my daughter, who is still active duty stationed at Ft. Hood. Could this have been prevented? Yes. I believe somehow we need to help these guys who wanted to go over there for us so we could live free. We cannot let them come back to die.” (shared by Karen)