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Gary Homuth

Born in Riverside, CA. “From a very young age it was obvious that Gary was going to be in the military. He carried out chores to the letter, nothing less. A prankster in junior high, a great student in high school. Even though he played very little, it meant the world to him just to be on the football team. During the summer of 2002, just after graduation Gary spent days at a time gaming with his friends. We even found him asleep at his computer with the air conditioner on, him in his letterman’s jacket. Gary enjoyed cooking very much. Along with the shooting range, he used cooking as his outlet. We never worried about Gary joining the Air Force, we knew that if someone said “duck” he would do just that and not question it. Gary fell deeply in love with a woman who couldn’t be a military wife and that caused a lot of problems in their marriage. He worked hard to find an answer, find another job that would provide. He noted that 2012 was the hardest year of his life. Losing the job he loved and the woman he loved he couldn’t see another way. 9 days after leaving the Air Force and having a fight with his wife he left us a note and took his life. We have been devastated with the loss. We talked to him daily but he didn’t open to the problems. We beg anyone else going through this to get help, we know others are out there. Please don’t let another parent bury their child!” shared by his mom