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Hugo Manzo

“Hugo Manzo’s home was Los Angeles, CA. His stations: Charlie Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company (2013-2015), 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment (2015-Passing). Pvt Manzo served under me in 2nd Platoon, Charlie Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company in Norfolk, VA from Nov 2013 – Aug 2015. I was his squad leader and he was my designated marksman. During this time, we deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and various locations in the Middle East. Pvt Manzo was impeccable behind the long gun and was planning on going to scout-sniper school. He just really enjoyed shooting and weapons. He tried to know anything and everything an infantryman could know. As far as sports, he really loved soccer.”
Shared by his squad leader of two years, Matt Nordin.

“We may not understand why, but we must be strong enough to prevail.”