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James Ciccone

James M Ciccone was 24 years old, died Nov. 26, 2012 by Suicide. He was born in Hickory, NC but lived more than half of his life in Virginia Beach, VA. He loved mudding, country living, fishing and going to the race track. Most of all he loved the human race and would give the shirt off his back to anyone he knew that needed it. One time he even housed 2 homeless individuals at Fort Benning, GA. He was one of the purest people I’ve ever had the opportunity knowing. He believed in God and lived a loving example for all of us, even me, I’m his mom. I only hope to be able to continue living his legacy of being so kind and patient with others, it was a gift he had that I don’t even think he realized.
He was in essence exactly what the world needs all of us to be. He did have his faults too, none of us are perfect. But he definitely was the purest individual I’ve ever truly been around in my life.

Silent tears fall gently,which others never see, for our kind and loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, uncle and friend, who meant the world to us.

“A loved one is a special gift,
one you hope will stay,
We never thought the day would come
when you would go away.
And when the moment came,
you hadn’t said goodbye,
The pain just overwhelmed us,
and all we did was cry.
We only wish you knew
just how much it hurts to lose you,
And the pain it puts us through.
Falling tears and aching hearts
are things we have to bear,
But losing you the way we did
will always seem unfair.
All we have are photographs
and memories to share
We’d give our lives to turn around
and see you standing there.
You showed us many things in life
But, James, you never showed us,
how to cope with losing you.
Nothing is more treasured,
than the thought we have of you
You were so very special,
we thought the world of you.
You left us with a broken heart
and happy memories too,
But we never wanted memories;
we only wanted you.
You left a place no-one can fill;
we love you James and always will.
We will talk about you often;
we will think about you.
You won’t be forgotten by us,
You never will.
We will think about you night and day;
we love you more than words can say,
Simple words but very true,
We will always love and remember you.
by Jason Ciccone