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Jason Dunlap

Jason served 6 years in the Navy as a hospital corpsman at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth. He was a loving husband and father.
Jason was a Navy Corpsman who took care of hundreds of PTSD victims at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. He was an honest, caring, sweet man with a very sensitive soul, who kept his feelings very private. He had a great sense of humor and a goofy smile. He also struggled with depression.
Leaving the Navy was a difficult adjustment. Things were just starting to go his way, as he was studying Criminal Justice and working as an armed anti-terrorism security guard. He and Emily were making plans to have dinner with his dad, and for a summer vacation. We will never understand what made Jason put his service revolver to his head that night. He didn’t leave a note.
Jason was a great dad who was very involved in every facet of Paisley’s care. He loved to read to her.