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Jason Pierre

In Memory of SGT Jason A. Pierre, US Army

June 7, 1974 – April 14, 2021

Company D, 3d Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiments 

4th BN, 7th Air Defense Artillery 

178th Maintenance Company, 2nd BN, 1st Air Defense Artillery 

Deployments: Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf, Kuwait

Raised in Etters, Pennsylvania, Jason was the second to youngest of six siblings. Early in life Jason loved sports, especially baseball and football. He especially loved watching WWE Wrestling and He-Man. 

Jason served in the United States Army from 1992-2000. He was honored with many awards and medals, including ARCOM and AAM. Jason’s MOS was 91D, Tactical Power Generation Specialist. 

Jason had a daughter, Sierra. He spoke about her in a prideful manner and was honored to be her father. Later on in life he got involved with her soccer career and coached youth girls soccer for four years. 

Jason enjoyed long days at the river with his family and dog, Bonnie. He loved the outdoors; kayaking, hiking, and fishing were some of his favorite activities. Jason was loved by his community, especially his second family at the Goldsboro Firemen’s Club. 

Even though Jason enjoyed a wonderful life, he struggled with PTSD daily. He spent years battling alcoholism, night terrors, and mental illnesses. His family continues to share his story in hopes to raise awareness and aid others on their path to recovery.

Jason called Pennsylvania home, and is buried at Fort Indian Town Gap, 54 558

Pierre Jason USA