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Jeffery Carr

Jeffery Jacob Mitchel Carr 1989 ~ 2012 Specialist 1st Class Jeffery Jacob Mitchel Carr, age 22, died March 8th, 2012 at his home in Emmett, Idaho. Jeff was born in Nampa, Idaho on May 26th, 1989 at 4:40 AM to the proud parents of Chuck and Pamela Carr. He was their fourth child, their first son, in addition to their three beautiful daughters. It was a spectacular event…he was stubborn from the beginning, making his family wait 18 hours from the time Pam started labor, to the time he would grace them with his presence. At the time of his birth the family lived in Canyon County, and shortly afterward moved to Adrian, Oregon.

The open country of Adrian allowed Jeff to run and play and explore with his older sisters. His love for nature and the outdoors began to grow like flowers in the spring on high. He also began his schooling in Adrian. Later the family moved to Robie Creek and Jeff’s sense of adventure and wonder with the outdoors grew, as he and his older sisters explored and learned every deer trail, pond and creek. Jeff went on many camping trips with his family which led to a love for camping and fishing and his ever growing love for nature. After a few years the family moved back to the city where the new passions of wrestling, Judo, and water skiing began to emerge for Jeff. Many trips were taken to CJ Strike so Jeff could hone in on his water skiing skills, and he did just that. Soon, snowboarding was added to the list of passions and skills that Jeff would conquer as well. Jeff attended Lewis & Clark Jr. High in Meridian, Idaho where he was a starter for the wrestling team. After Jr. High, Jeff went to High School at Nampa High where the friends that he made became his friends for life. Jeff won over many peoples’ hearts during his time in school with his fun and smart alack personality.

After High School, Jeff was inspired to join the United States Army. His passion and joy of life and desire to always be the best he could be was infectious and exciting for those around him. When Jeff’s nieces and nephews were born, he began to desire to have a family and children of his own. Although his aspirations to be a husband and father never came to be, Jeff’s love for his nieces, nephews, and younger siblings shined bright with laughter and squeals of delight as they would cry out, “Do it again Uncle Jeff!” and “Uncle Jeff you can’t catch me! or “Jeff will you please take us to the jungle!?” Jeff always gave into them, and would never tell them no. Jeff’s kids were his much beloved dogs, Bo and Mia, who were almost always in tow with Jeff and always excited for whatever fun adventure he had planned, even if it was just a ride in the car with dad.

In 2010 his military family of the 391st Engineers, were deployed to Iraq. It was with great pride and honor that he served his country with these men. Jeff returned from deployment in November of 2011. The hole in our lives from the absence of this wonderful young man will never be filled, but the joy we find in the memories we have will comfort us and help us to know how blessed we were for the short time we had with him.