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Jeremiah Honaker

SGT (RET) Jeremiah Honaker, 38, of Chuckey, TN passed away December 31st 2014. He was a loving father, husband, and son. His sons are his greatest legacy; he beamed with light and love at their very mention.
A proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Jeremiah served as both as a combat medic and a combat engineer in the United States Army Reserve and had been attached to both the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions as a medic. He also served his community as a volunteer firefighter and first responder. Jeremiah’s contributions to his community include serving with the Nolichuckey Volunteer Fire Department. He was an EMT and had been a reserve police officer. He also served as an Extraction Instructor, performed Swift Water Rescue, Mountain Rescue, and Dive Rescue. He was a Master Mason.
He was an avid and innovative fisherman and with his wife, Kat, a tireless advocate for wounded servicemen and women. Jeremiah’s greatest wish was that no injured service member would ever fall through the cracks and he embodied the principle of “no man left behind”.
Jeremiah will be forever missed and loved by all who were touched by his deep belly laugh and warm drawl.
“Your story saved my life brother. I am at a loss on this. You were my brother and your wife helped a lot of people and my family is hurting for all of you. I know the demons are gone now and hope you are at peace my brother. You fought a war much longer than many I know and we will meet once more in heaven. One beer for me one for you my fallen brother in arms. Rest in Peace brother Jeremiah. You will always be my “Doc”. “