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Jesse Martin

“This is my son, SGT Jesse Michael Martin, USMC. He hung himself Nov 3, 2013 while waiting to get into the PTSD program at the VA. His unit was 2nd Anglico stationed in Jacksonville, NC. He served 2 tours in Afghanistan. Before joining the Marines he competed in the stand up Jet Ski competitions and did well. He enjoyed hunting, camping, canoeing – any outdoor activity. He was an extremely loving man and spent so much time with fellow veterans with PTSD, trying to help them.”
Sgt. Jesse Michael Martin, USMC, a Marine who served his country with distinction, honor and commitment, died Sunday, November 3, 2013 in Florence. He was 26.
Jesse grew up in Florence, Alabama and graduated from Bradshaw High School in 2005. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2008 and received Boot Camp training at Parris Island, SC. He served one tour in Afghanistan in the 2nd Anglico Unit. He returned home and married. He was called for a second tour in Afghanistan where he was a forward observer working with the Nepalese Gurkhas, known as the fiercest fighters in the world. He taught them to read maps and call in artillery strikes and the handbook he wrote is still used by them. As a show of respect, the Gurkhas ceremoniously presented Jesse a Kukri, a forward curving knife used in combat.
Following his second tour he and his wife lived in Camp Lejeune, NC and they moved to Florence where he attended UNA. Jesse was an avid Jet Ski rider and had entered amateur competitions. He loved the outdoors, was a hunter, and a collector of guns.
Jesse was a great storyteller and was animated as he shared his tales. Friends and family knew not to interrupt until the story was told!