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Joe Herburger

“Joe was a charming, handsome, loving, caring and devoted husband and a proud, wonderful and fun Daddy to his three young children. He would always be smiling saying he was “living the dream.” He inspired so many people to always do more and be better. He was our Marine motivator who had a fierce eyebrow and super contagious laugh. He was the guy who overcame fear to help others with their demons. He loved fishing, traveling, and classic cars. His family had a passion for living life – enjoying things like camping, bonfires, football, coaching his children’s sports teams, following the Oregon Ducks and just being around his family and friends. He and his wife would travel to different breweries together because he loved to explore and venture out to find new things. The love and passion he had for his wife and three babies were his pride and joy. This man would always put everyone and their happiness before his own, just to see people smile and hear them laugh at his jokes. He was such a comforting soul. He made my bad days better. He could turn a conversation about something negative into a positive without any effort at all. He was definitely the neighborhood watchdog for all the kids, always leaving the garage open for kids to come in and out. We called him the neighborhood mayor because he was always on guard to make sure everyone around him was safe and secure. Joe had a warmth that made everyone want to be around him…. it almost made you just want to hug him, and you eventually did because he loved hugs and just being loved. No matter the sadness surrounding us now with his death, that warmth in our hearts that he gave us will always be there. I will never think of Joe by how he died; it’s always going to be by how he made me feel…..happy and safe. We love you Joe Bear. Corporal Joseph David Herburger 4.23.85 to 4.21.16 Marines 2/5” shared by his wife, Danell.