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John Adrian

“John’s hometown is Albuquerque, New Mexico. He loved fishing and camping. We heard many stories of how he would talk someone out of suicide. He was always willing to give his last dollar or feed someone. He loved his little brother Daniel and his nephew Kaysen with all his heart. He moved up in rank very quickly because of his dedication to the NAVY. He served on three different ships and was an IT2 (Information Technologist). He loved cars, especially Jeeps and was always helping someone fix theirs. He would drop everything to help someone, including paying their bills so they wouldn’t be homeless. His favorite color was red. He loved playing the blues on his electric guitar and loved music. His favorite thing to do with his nephew was sitting in bushes and finding spiders so he could teach him about them. My son was so busy taking care of other people he never let anyone know he needed help too. I’ve heard from many shipmates that he was the first to give his last dollar to someone who needed it more. Some said he talked them out of depressed states and he helped make them the man they are today. He never asked for anything in return, ever. I just found out that he will be on the donor wall for donating his corneas to 2 people.” Shared by his mom, Karie