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John Carroll

Shared by his mother, Jody: “He was my hero from the moment he was born…Johnny did not have any easy life at all, but he always persevered and came out stronger from every hardship. Johnny was 85% deaf, and suffered from Meniere’s Disease. Out of his 6 years in the Navy he spent 4 1/2 in the war zones. I know that he would say that he didn’t do anything special but I have heard from so many people – whether they were serving on the USS Boxer or were members of the SEAL teams he served with – that he always had a smile for everybody and wanted no one to feel left out or lonely. He was a GM2 (Gunner’s Mate/Petty Officer 2nd Class) in the Navy and loved his job more than anything.”

Shared by his friends:
“Brother, I am going to miss you! You left so many true friends. I hope you are at peace.”

“Miss you.. I am glad to have met a great guy like you.. The best experience on board USS Boxer was having you as a big brother. Thanks for always looking out for me.”

“Dang man. Why?! It hurts, bro. You were a good man! Hate it went down this way! Definitely missed!!! Praying for you, brother, and your family. Rest in Peace and we will see you again!

“John you were a good friend to my son and daughter and, although we never met, it tears at my heart to hear of your passing. You live on in the hearts and minds of all who know and love you.”