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John James

“John served with the Marine Corps for just under eight years. John lost his battle with PTS April 30, 2014, to suicide. We were stationed in Hawaii in 2006-2008, he did a tour in Iraq in 2007, from 2009-2011 he was @ Ellington Field Air Force base in Houston Texas, which was our home town. In 2011-2012 he was ordered to Japan-Camp Fuji for an unaccompanied tour. We couldn’t go with him. He switched to the USMC reserves for a little while before getting out in Sept 2012. John was a loving husband, father of our 3 amazing children (John Jr, Jason, Jayda). He was a loving brother, son, friend, and coworker. He was a leader and mentor to many and will forever be missed. Thank you for sharing his story & for walking to honor his memory. He is worth our tears and he is worth walking for. God bless you and the others involved in this organization.” Shared by his wife, Amber

John was always quick to share a joke and brought many smiles to all that knew him. He was a very generous man who loved to please others and make them laugh. John loved to cook and worked hard to support his family. He will be dearly missed by those lives he has touched.
John’s dream was to serve his country in the USMC like his father, Robin James. With the support from his wife and family, John was able to fulfill his dream and he graduated in 2005 from Camp Pendleton, San Diego.
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