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John Lee Jr.

In Memory of SPC John A Lee Jr. USA

April 30, 1974 – March 19, 2012

US Army 4th ID

Operation Iraqi Freedom

John joined the Army a little late in his life; he joined right at the cut off age. He was in Basic Training with guys coming right out of high school, but he kept right up with all of them. He loved being in the Army; it’s the happiest I remember him being. He was definitely a very proud Soldier. John was always doing a variety of things – his two favorite things to do would be playing his guitar, which he taught himself how to play – then there’s his trail racing on his mountain bike. No matter what he got into he would put his all into it, and be great at it!! 

States he called home: Connecticut, Virginia and Texas

Final Resting Place: Resurrection Catholic Church in Moneta, Virginia

Lee John A Jr USA