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Jordan McDaniel

Tyler was in the 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry Regiment.
Following is a note written by Tyler’s cousin and close friend Daniel Dean.
Jordan Tyler McDaniel had been struggling and in a deep dark place for years. He had a hell of a deployment to Afghanistan. He saw many of his buddies get killed in front of him. He dealt with a lot of Survivor’s Guilt. Tyler was my younger cousin but was more of a little brother to me.
All he ever wanted to do was be a grunt in the military. He enlisted at 17. After his deployment, he couldn’t adjust and ended up getting medically separated from the Army. That broke his heart. He called me in his darkest hours. I was helping him, but he was also helping me. I don’t open up to many people, but Tyler brought a lot out of me. I loved him even more for that.
Tyler, I hope you get assigned as my guardian angel cause you’ll have the toughest job in Heaven…….Daniel Dean
Tyler took his own life after struggling with PTSD.