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Joseph Buckley

“From your bright sense of fashion, to your contagious energy and your zest for life, your laughter and love will be missed by anyone who experienced the pleasure of meeting you.”

Picture on the bottom right: “This is from the orphanage in Kyrgyzstan that the USAF kind of adopted and protected. They were right next door to where Joe was stationed. Joe and his Co. knew they were struggling so they spent all of their liberty over there cooking, playing, and teaching them something OTHER than war. Those kids loved him!!” from Joe’s dad

Joseph Christopher Buckley (August 12th, 1990 – January 7th, 2016) ended his battle with the inner demons he brought home from war. He was found earlier today, just outside of Greenville, Texas. He was dearly loved and will be sorely missed by all the lives he touched. This is all the info we have at present, and we will share more as it comes to light. We wish to remember the silly, goofy, hilarious young man who we knew and loved, and we ache with all who also loved him.
I am sorry to say that he is the latest veteran to be failed by the country he put his life on the line for. He suffered from PTSD and was unable to get a handle on it. This is what happens when young people are combat trained, sent to warzones, and then given no support in their adjustment back to civilian life after multiple deployments. This young man, my brother, is one of 22 veterans a day who survive war but succumb to suicide. As a nation, we must do better. They deserve it. They’ve earned it.
To everyone who shared the post about him being missing and sent up prayers and well wishes, thank you!

“Dedicated to a compassionate leader, a witty comedian, a humble gentleman, a humanitarian, a patriot, a brother, and a dear friend to all.”