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Joshua Remy

Chaplain (CPT) Joshua Remy served at Ft. Hood, Ft. Riley, in Korea and Iraq. Following are some remembrances and also a link to a song he wrote called “Inside these Walls” about understanding the hurting heart which can lead to suicide.
In the following remembrances, there are some posts from SPC Michael Kissell. Michael served with Joshua as his Chaplain’s assistant – they were like family. Michael took his life about a year after Joshua, and is also included in the “Our Heroes” album.

“As I sit here pondering and thinking what could have happened, I’m very sad at the loss of my brother in arms, Michael Kissell. You and Chaplain Remy helped me through the toughest battle of my life. God used you both and now both of you are gone.”

“This was one of the things that became tradition, Chaplain Remy blessing vehicles and crews as the get ready to go shoot and get qualified. He was always given credit for helping them earn top marks.”

From Michael Kissell (Josh’s Chaplain’s Assistant) The Chaplain Corp crest (tattoo) Just got this done: I added Remy to the book because he was a model example of what “Pro Deo Et Patria” stands for.
“For God and Country” You will never be forgotten, Sir.

“Caregivers are often are often the casualties, the hidden victims. No one sees the sacrifices they make.”(Judith London)

“Nurture the Living, Care for the Wounded, Honor the Dead.”

“This (picture) was Thanksgiving 2010 in Kirkuk Iraq. We went out to our COP’s (combat outposts) to visit with the soldiers.
Josh is seen here praying with soldiers before dinner” from Josh’s Chaplain’s Assistant, Michael Kissell

“Josh was a neighbor of ours and I remember in October 2001, he carved out a pumpkin with an AMAZING tribute to the twin towers. I had never seen such art work performed on a pumpkin before (or since!)”

Avenue of The Giants Marathon in Northern California – Joshua and his father ran this together.

Inside These Walls by Joshua Remy
Apr 7, 2013
“It seems one of the difficult issues with helping a person who has come to think about suicide is not so much the lack of proper answers of methods, but rather the lack of even a basic understanding of the hurting heart and why such pain could lead a person to think about suicide. Without even this basic understanding we can often jump to the wrong conclusions, answers, and methods, when all the person needs is to be heard by someone who can stand with them. Suicide is like a cancer that eats away at you until they are left surrounded by walls of hurt and no matter how many resources you point to, you and they remain outside those walls, while the person inside the hurt still sees nothing but the pain that surrounds him.

This song gives a perspective of the hurting heart trapped within the walls of hurt.”

Inside these walls by Joshua Remy April 2013
Verse 1
Its a dark and weary time
When every day is pain inside
A cancer grows, it wears me down
Every day the walls are closing in, … closing in and shutting out …

Verse 2
Your answers they all sound so nice,
You sound like you have got it made,
But what have they to do with me,
When I’m alone inside these walls .. alone and lost inside these walls …

Verse 3
A coward’s what you think of me,
You talk of hurt I’m gonna cause,
But really you have got it wrong,
To end the hurt is what I need to do.. trapped with nothing but the pain…

Inside these walls, I don’t see your answers, you are outside
Inside these walls, I don’t need more guilt and shame you bring
Inside these walls, I just want some one to climb inside
Inside these walls, alone and hurt you just want to die, you just want to die.

Link to Josh singing “Inside These Walls”