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Joshua Thompson

Joshua David Thompson, 23, of Rock Springs, Wyoming passed away on August 13, 2013 . He was a lifelong resident of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Joshua was born on June 15, 1990 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of David and April Thompson.
He attended schools in Rock Springs, Wyoming.
Joshua was a United States Army Veteran of the Iraq War.
He was employed at Fed-EX as a driver.
His interests included his family and soulmate Mariah; his car club Apostle-Wyoming Chapter, music, traveling on dirt roads; his job, tattoos, Pittsburg Steelers and his dogs.

“Josh first time we met was in the back of a loud vibrating bradley preparing for war, you where fresh to the army and still wet behind the ears and pretty eagar to learn. Little did I know that the kid with a tattoo of a pencil could have an affect on all of us. I look back in time and remember many of the late nights we had, the talks, the hard times and well my friend those hard times are now over. You are in a better place but no better place than within the depths of our heart my brother, the blue cord and all the sacrifices we have made for our familys and country will live on forever. you and your family are in my heart and on my mind and im sending this out to you all cause i cannot be there at the moment because of my current station in afghanistan. April & David your son was one hell of a man,and a fine soldier, my deepest of affection and feelings go out to you. with all of my love bubba”

Words from his mom: “My daughter captured it perfectly “Shut up and Hold On” By Toby Keith is the way he lived. Til the end he talked about wanting back in the Army. He loved and helped many throughout his short life. The number of people that have contacted me about him is amazing, from his Battle Buddies to the cashier at the local gas station, who said he made her smile every day. Our lives and those of others are richer for having had him in them. I miss him so very much. Please check on your Battles, you just might be the thing they need to go on fighting!”

Joshua Thompson