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Justin Dillingham

“Ask anyone to describe my son in a few words…Loyal, kind, funny…his smile infectious. To know him was to love him. He left the world a less kinder place for all of us who loved him. Justin was a loyal Vikings fan and a Bulls fan. Chicago & Vegas were his favorite places to go with friends for a weekend. He never argued, but loved a good debate, politics or sports be prepared! He was a wonderful, proud, loving uncle to his 6 month nephew, Jordan Lee. He loved his family, extended family and Marine brothers without condition. He could be found with friends in a good game of Madden or playing darts. He was a flooring installer for Dillingham Flooring, an independent contractor for Lowes. Justin was bright, kind, and always there to listen to a friend – never judging or giving opinion unless asked. He was his younger sister’s hero always. Eight years apart, she a could be a typical ‘little sister’, but he always kept it his job to pick on her….no one else. As we loved him we miss him.”