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Justin Haskins

Justin Wayne Haskins, 23, of Merrill, Oregon, passed away, May 17, 2014. Justin was born in Klamath Falls May 17, 1991, to Gerald and Debbie Haskins. He graduated from Lost River High School and then enlisted in the Army National Guard, where he accomplished the rank of Specialist (promoted to sergeant posthumously). While in the Guard, SPC Haskins served one tour in Iraq. Justin was a fisherman. He enjoyed long drives in the country, listening to, writing and playing music. Justin also enjoyed skateboarding. Friends affectionately referred to Justin as Steve or Otter.

Remembrances from his sister, Marlana: “My brother and I had a difficult childhood. We basically raised each other: cooked for each other, walked to school together – we were really close and were always there for each other. Before he even turned 18 he got the process going to join the army guard. He was proud and we were proud of him. He WANTED to go overseas and he transferred from the Klamath Falls unit to Medford so he could. He met a girl and they were engaged and when he went to Iraq, things changed. Fast forward to when he was back. He was in a wreck and suffered a severe leg injury which resulted in a permanent and painful limp. Other aspects of his life were falling apart. He wanted to go back overseas but they wouldn’t let him. I think the way he felt about himself was a huge factor in why he made the decision that he did.

In high school he was really into skateboarding, placing 3rd in Humboldt County at a competition.
He grew up fishing; he loved music and sharing his music with others – he played a few different kinds of guitars and drums. He LOVED video games. Justin was definitely a class clown. He is loved and missed by so many.”

Justin served with another of our soldiers, SPC Brady James Hammer.
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