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Keenan Wofford

Keenan was a wonderful husband and even better father to his daughter, who is now six years old (born 12/12/12). He was from a little town called Portales, New Mexico and was stationed and promoted in Ft. Bliss, Texas, from which he deployed twice to Qatar and Bahrain with the 11th Brigade Air Defense Unit. Keenan loved being with “his girls” as he called his wife and daughter. His daughter still asks for her dad and misses him very much. His wife is also a veteran and is having a hard time moving on in life without him beside her. When he died his donated organs saved many lives. His heart alone saved a father of four. However, I would do anything to have him back.
Keenan was born and raised in Portales but always considered El Paso his home because that is where he got married and had his daughter. He was active duty and recruiting with the Army in Las Vegas at the time of his death. He is buried in Portales.

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