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Kenneth Stafford

Justice for SPC Kenneth Jewel Stafford
“This is Spc. Kenneth J Stafford . He was diagnosed with PTSD and on July 11 2013, in the midst of an episode , he was shot and killed by Reno Police, .. this man was a decorated soldier and was asking for help , his family called 911 to ask for the police to help him instead because they did not understand how to handle our warriors with PTSD , this was the outcome. This law will give law enforcement the training they will need to be able to handle these guys with gentle hands , instead of full force. This is agreat tragedy and it could have been prevented .. it didnt have to end this way. We send our deepest sympathy and thoughts out to this family in their time of grief. and To Spc. Stafford I will meet you at the rally point bro!!” ~ Ssgt. Haswell from Warrior’s Aftermath and Recovery WAR page