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Kristopher Marrow

Kristopher Leon Marrow age 24, born August 22, 1991, went to be with the Lord on December 24, 2015.
Kris was a former US Marine who proudly served one former deployment. He was born and raised in Mt. Zion, Georgia and moved to Richmond a short time ago. He loved the Georgia Bulldogs, the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves. Kris had a laugh that carried through a crowd and a smile that will never be forgotten. He was always the life of the party and the center of attention. Kris was a devoted father of two children and a wonderful husband to his wife Tessa. Kris was a silly, wild spirited man who often referred to himself as an “Outlaw like His Pappy.”
Kris never knew a stranger and was genuinely loved by anyone who crossed his path. He was a Christian who truly loved God and tried his best to abide by the Lords word, and worked hard to make sure his children did the same. Kris had a passion for music; there was never a time when he wasn’t serenading the people around him or dancing to his own rhythm. He never left us short of stories. Kris had a sense of humor that could even make the devil laugh, our lives will be forever filled with happy tears over the amazing memories he had left us with.

“Kris was 6’6” about 270-280 pounds, with fluffy, dark chocolate hair, always shiny and beautiful. He had these gorgeous eyebrows and eye lashes that women pay 100’s of dollars for and the most beautiful hazel/green eyes that would melt you instantly. He graduated high school early, because he’s literally one of the smartest and most intelligent people I have ever known. He joined the Marines when he was 17, graduated from Parris Island, and was deployed to Africa shortly afterwards.

After his deployment he came home, worked for a small gardening company and attended technical school as he tried to get into the police academy. He loved working on farms – he was a country boy through and through. He knew any answer to any question about farming, taking care of animals, soil, feed, planting, and gardening. He knew how to shoe horses; he even could tame them. He could work on houses, barns, cars, bikes – anything in the world – he could do it.

He’s worked in construction, and worked at Troup County correctional facility, in Lagrange, Georgia for almost 2 years. He got hired on at Southwire, an amazing company where he became an “Extruder Operator”, the highest paid operator for the company. He was a model employee, never ever missed work, never late and always went above and beyond. You name it, Kris could do it. He loves the opportunity to be able to do something better than someone else. He’s a show off like that – Lol. He was the best dad you could possibly imagine; he was a very hands on daddy, always teaching the kids something every opportunity he had. He was a big kid himself! Every child in the world loved Kris – he was goofy – he’s the man in the yard rolling around in the mud with the kids, or tossing them across the pool. He melted for our daughter though. He was tough until he saw her crying! He was an all-star baseball player, die hard Atlanta Braves fan, and also a die hard Georgia Bulldogs fan. Kris played baseball from the time he could walk, until literally the day he died.

He never stopped. He was a family man and provided for us by all means; he worked his fingers to the bone. There was never a person he met that didn’t love him; he made friends with complete strangers. When I say he was a county boy, I mean it; the song “A Country Boy Can Survive” was Kris’ song. He listened to nothing but Merle, Johnny, Waylon, Willie any music like that. He sang from sun up till sun down, always singing and dancing around everywhere. He had the sickest, most hilarious sense of humor in the world, could make you fall over laughing. He used to sit in our room listening to the comedy channel, and literally crack himself up, then he’d come downstairs and start cracking jokes on me and the kids!

He was a God fearing man and taught me and the kids everything we knew about God. He prayed with us on a daily basis – said blessing with us before meals. He would even pray and thank God when he killed an animal while he was hunting. He talked about God often and how wonderful God is.

Kris loved to eat home cooked, good, greasy soul food. He was even sweet enough to help with the dishes. He loved exotic food and trying different animal meat. He was a kind, warm man, he would surprise me with random hugs and kisses when he knew I was feeling down – flowers and candy when he felt like I needed it – just small thoughtful things. He was a jokester but also had the softest side. He would take our daughter on dates and taught our son to play ball. He was just an all around American, gun shooting, God loving, beer drinking man. There was only one of him -that is for sure.”
Shared by his wife, Tessa, who loves and misses him so much