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Lee Stiles

Lee Stiles was an Army Ranger who served in Vietnam. He took part in HALO (high altitude low opening) jumps.
“The HALO technique is used to airdrop supplies, equipment, or personnel at high altitudes when aircraft can fly above surface-to-air missile (SAM) engagement levels through enemy skies without posing a threat to the transport or load. In the event that anti-aircraft cannons are active near the drop zone, the HALO technique also minimizes the parachutist’s exposure to flak. In a typical HALO exercise, the parachutist will jump from the aircraft, free-fall for a period of time at terminal velocity, and open his parachute at a low altitude. The combination of high downward speed, minimal metal and forward air-speed serves to defeat radar as well as simply reduce the amount of time a parachute might be visible to ground observers, enabling a stealthy insertion.” (source: Wikipedia)

Once out of the Army, he continued his skydiving and was part of an elite group that jumped in formation.
After losing both his mother and sister to breast cancer, Lee was an active volunteer with the Komen Foundation. He also loved race cars and racing and another favorite hobby was shopping.
Recently, his former wife received a call from a soldier Lee had served with in Vietnam, who shared how Lee had saved his life.

Both were exposed to Agent Orange in heavy doses. Lee’s severe PTSD was a major cause of his stroke in middle age, which led to his untimely death.