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Michael Boyd

Mike was raised in Groton, MA. He never wanted to do anything else in his life except to be a Marine. He didn’t watch baseball, but you would never see him without a Red Sox cap on. He loved dogs more than people. He is the father of a little boy, Cedric Boyd, who is now 5 years old. Michael was a decorated Marine who while serving in Afghanistan received the Navy Achievement medal. He had 4 shoulder surgeries while he was in the service from an injury he sustained while at boot camp. With the surgeries came opioid pain medication. He found that one pill took care of pain; multiple pills took away everything. Mike became addicted. This addiction caused him to get into trouble while in the Corps and he ended up other than honorably discharged. He fought that decision and ended up getting his discharge changed to honorable. Once released from the Corps he could not get the pain meds anymore, and he resorted to heroin. Unfortunately, between the PTSD he suffered from his time in Afghanistan, his opioid addiction, and his inability to figure out how to live without the Corps being his whole life he ended up a heroin user. He tried to get clean, he was in and out of rehab for years, but eventually the drugs won and he died from a fentanyl overdose while shooting up heroin while he was alone in his apartment.

States he called home: New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Final Rest: Groton Cemetery, Groton, MA
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