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Michael Childs

Michael was an active child and not afraid of anything. He was an avid hunter almost from infancy, being the youngest in the state to receive a Hunter’s Safety certification. He had enlisted before he even finished High School and as soon as he had diploma in hand he left for Basic training at Ft. Benning, Ga. From there he went to Ft. Hood, Texas where he served with the 7th Cav Division. From there to he headed to Baumholder, Germany and finally into Bosnia. His words about the Bosnian mission were, “Before I actually came to Bosnia, I strongly disagreed with the mission. But after I arrived in this country, my opinion changed. Seeing the looks in the children’s faces, looks of hope and relief, will break any man down. I know now that there was a need for someone to come here and change things. It’s a good feeling knowing that we changed these people’s lives for the better.”
After he separated from the Army, he had a list of goals to meet and he began his journey, achieving them in order. First, get a car, then get a job, find a girlfriend, buying the house came next and finally marriage. Sadly he lost his wife to a tragic car accident. After this he took a promotion to Field Representative and finally to Design Engineer, which afforded him the ability to travel the world. He was so respected at his job that the company allowed his celebration of life services to be held in the training facility with a combine that he helped design in-house. Michael was kind and gentle unless defending his family, friends or country. He is missed by a host of friends and family.

Michael J Childs, Jr Army Spec., Nuclear, biological and chemical operations specialist with Bravo Co., 4th Battalion, 12th Inf., Baumholder, Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina, 7th Cav., Ft. Hood, Texas,
From North Newton, KS