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Michael Schunk

“Michael ‘Mikey’ was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He was a big brother to one little sister and was the best big brother. He was always my hero and best friend.

Growing up he loved playing baseball and was a great second baseman. He may have had the Jeter throw before Jeter! He was a NY Yankees fan and a Buffalo Bills fan, but never was obsessively into watching sports. He would rather be outside playing. Mikey’s true passion was drawing. He was an amazing artist and often times expressed himself through his drawings. Mikey was always the life of the neighborhood and such a clown. He made everybody laugh. You couldn’t have a bad day when Mikey was around. Mikey’s favorite song growing up was “I’m just a girl” by No Doubt and would perform all the time. He truly had a heart of gold.” Shared by his sister, Niki

Mikey lost his inner battle while serving in the Navy – active duty, in Norfolk, VA. His deployments included Africa / Somalia and Iraq / OIF.
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