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Michael Wilke

“Michael W. Wilke from Waukesha, Wisconsin served from 1958 to 1980 in the U.S. Army with two tours of Vietnam. He loved his country and was very patriotic. He had a passion for us war history and loved building models of U.S. Navy ships like the U.S.S. Missouri or U.S.S. Wisconsin. He was my hero.” Shared by his son, Mike
Graveside services with full military honors: Prairie Home Cemetery.

On April 22, Mike who is president of the Student Veterans of American in Sheridan, WY, organized and hosted a “Masquerade Ball” at his college campus. Pictures were shared of our 22 Too Many and a display also included brochures and information about PTS and resources available. Bouquets were given at the end of the night with a ’22’ name on them. Mike wanted a unique event to raise awareness of the tragedy of veteran suicide. His own father, a veteran who did multiple tours in Viet Nam, lost his battle to the darkness of PTS several years ago. Thank you Mike, for honoring and remembering – your father, Michael W. Wilke and our #22toomany heroes are #NeverForgotten.