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Michelle Langhorst

Michelle Rachael Langhorst was born on May 13, 1983 in Pittsburgh, Pa. She is the beloved daughter of Michael and Concetta Langhorst and precious sister of Nicole Langhorst as well as countless other family members and friends. Michelle was raised in Pittsburgh, Pa and was a bright, vivacious and athletic woman who was passionate about sports, especially soccer. Soccer was her first love; she played on several recreation teams as well as travel and cup teams throughout high school. She excelled at soccer and could have pursued a professional career, but chose to study criminal justice at Seton Hill University and Point Park University where she obtained her Bachelors Degree in August 2014. During her time at Seton Hill University, Michelle spoke with an Army recruiter and decided she wanted to serve our country; she joined in February 2004. Michelle’s mark of specialty was military police, which she enjoyed immensely. Immediately finishing basic training, she was deployed to Germany then Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom with the 212th company. She made lifelong friends with her fellow soldiers and had a special bond with them. One of her fellow soldiers told our family a story that is proof what an excellent, compassionate, and heartfelt woman she was. During the deployment in Afghanistan, she used her free time and money to visit children in the orphanage and brought them toys, food and water and they played games too. He told us how dangerous it was for her to leave the confines of the base and risked her life to visit these orphans. Michelle was very humble and never told anyone at home about her selfless works. As you can imagine, our family felt very proud upon hearing Michelle’s selfless works. After her time in Afghanistan and Germany, Michelle was 1 of 2 women chosen for a special assignment in Brussels, Belgium doing protective services for NATO. Michelle received many accolades and awards during her 9 years of service and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. Michelle was honorably discharged after she sustained an injury to her arm. Michelle was such a giving and kind person, always doing for others instead of tending to her own needs. She had such a beautiful heart and is loved and missed beyond words. Michelle lived for her family and was very excited to be a Godmother to her precious Harper Monroe Michelle, whom she never got to meet. We are certain she is in Heaven and will be the guiding light for Harper.
SSG Michelle Rachael Langhorst
Gone but NEVER forgotten