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Mickey Keeney

In Memory of SPC Mickey Lee Keeney

August 25, 1977 – April 15, 2020

‘Mickey was one of the purest patriots anyone knew. He loved flying the American flag and honoring his brothers. It would break his heart every time he heard of a veteran becoming one of the 22. He would stay up for days just to help a buddy through anything that they needed help with. He had such a big heart, especially for his children and nieces and nephews.’ Shared by his sister, Michelle

Mickey Lee Keeney, 42, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at his home in Long County, GA. Born in Johnson City, TX. He served in the US Army, Airborne Infantry, for 8 years and was medically retired. He completed combat missions in Kuwait and many other missions including training soldiers in Panama. Mickey was very patriotic and gave his heart and soul to help troubled and distressed Veterans, reminding them “I always got your six”.

Mickey was a devoted husband and father that loved his family, pit bull, Kain and ferret, Stanley. He loved fishing, being a master griller, woodworking, the beach, a stormy day, driving his truck, listening to a variety of music, and helping and spending time with his family and friends. He was a hard-working man who was very detail oriented, could do any task he committed to, but his passion was carpentry.

States he called home: New York and Georgia

Resting place: Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Finksburg, MD

Keeney Mickey USA