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Morgan Daly

“My son became interested in the USMC around age 13 through visits from recruits during Karate classes. His interest was so strong he became dedicated early on to becoming a Marine and convinced me to enter him in the Delayed Entry Program (prior to age of 18).

He graduated high school a semester early in order to ship out March 2015 for boot camp.
He conquered The Crucible, earned his EGA and on 6.5.15 graduated PFC, USMC, being the top shooter of his platoon.

He was very dedicated to his Catholic faith and mentored in the Youth Group at his church as well as being Prayer Leader for his platoon.
He marched in his Dress Blues on 6.7.15 for his high school graduation.

After the Corps, he became more passionate about self-improvement/weight lifting and landed a position at his school’s weight room. He helped many people and always put everyone first even though he was fighting his own personal war.

His weight room dedication gave him the opportunity to be the strength and conditioning coach for his high school football team the last season before he died.

These new goals and life; it just wasn’t enough. Morgan fought fiercely but the damage won.

He had many, many, many friends whom adored him greatly and one beautiful girlfriend from freshman year on. She stood by his side through all of this.

Funny. Honest. Athletic. Modest. Sensible. Compassionate. Kind-hearted. Sweet…

Something happened during my son’s time in the Corps. A mother knows. That something slowly destroyed my son. His dream and goal also became his demise. My heart aches and aches that this wonderful man, my beautiful child, suffered as he did and how fast his world and life came crashing down upon him. We will forever cherish every single moment we had with him. Till Valhalla Morgan.”

Hometown: Manitowoc, WI
Hobbies: physical fitness, gaming, music, blackbelt/Kenpo Karate, football (played high school / coached high school)
Talents: musician/drummer/guitar
Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys

A Son, Brother, Grandson, Boyfriend…

A pleasure. Polite. Outgoing. Outspoken. Driven. Dedicated. Strong. Determined. Handsome. Helpful. Giving. Loving. And the list goes on…

Morgan achieved his dream of becoming a United States Marine on June 5, 2015. Plt. 1047, 1st Battalion, Charlie Co. MCRD – San Diego, CA.

Morgan played football with the Manitowoc Chiefs and then with the Valders Vikings through his senior year. He also coached the Vikings in strength and conditioning this past season with great dedication to his team. Morgan currently worked at the Valder’s gym, where he devotedly enjoyed weight lifting with many of his close friends, as well as attending NWTC pursuing his future in Physical Fitness; to motivate and help others live a healthy lifestyle with self-improvement, and of course, them gains!

He is a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, which he also helped mentor in his younger years. An avid gamer, an awesome actor for Drop It Productions, rocked the guitar and drums, and most importantly an Angel of God; St. Michael the Archangel; his chosen name for confirmation.

I speak on behalf of all who are close: My precious Morgan, forever cherished in our hearts. The deepest love I will ever know. You are a beautiful, kindhearted, gentle soul. The immensity of lives you have touched and influenced is greater than I could have ever imagined. From devotion to focus, compassion to drive; and your crazy sense of humor that always had us laughing! We will hold this to our cores, treasure the reminiscences, and allow these precious qualities of yours to guide us on our journeys until we see you again.

Know that I understand the why’s, but also know that it will take great time to come to acceptance as I and many others are not ready to see you later. I truly believe that you are at peace and no longer suffering from your private battles; and for this I am very grateful.

Godspeed my dear son <3


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