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Nathan Brooks

“Nathan was one of a kind, and this doesn’t adequately describe him. Everyone looked up to him, and he never met a stranger. He was the only boy in our family and was loved and devoted to all of us as we were him. He was an avid athlete, well read – the toughest guy we had ever known, and he treated all his friends as family. He loved the corps and after his return home, reached out to all his brothers to help them through the tough times. He lost many brothers, but he lived life fully and loved whole heartedly. He had the best sense of humor, hugs that let you know you were loved, and the most contagious laugh. He was infantry / security forces F.A.S.T. Co. He had made it back from the Sangin, Helmund Province in Afghanistan in 2012 but lost his battle here at home at the age of 26. Nathan lost a hard fought battle to PTSD, but his life is not defined by his death and his story is not over. We will continue his amazing legacy telling his story, advocating for awareness, and sharing Nathan so others know it can happen to anyone. We live in honor of his life and we will continue the battle for him.” Shared by his mother, DeeDee

Nathan is from Lincoln Country, NV
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