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Sean Webster

Sean joined the Marines fresh out of High School. He had always loved physical activities, growing up mastering swimming, soccer and skateboarding. Physical challenges were in his blood and he wanted to put himself in with the best of the best. He said they were the toughest, they had the hardest boot camp, and they were the strongest and the best.

After Basic Training, he was stationed at Camp Pendleton where he trained as an Assault Amphibious Vehicle crewman. He went on to serve in two tours in Iraq, earning two Purple Hearts. The second Purple Heart was awarded when he was severely and permanently wounded from an IED explosion. He spent the following years going through countless surgeries and physical therapy trying to regain full mobility in his arm, which never happened.

After his injury he was stationed at Camp Pendleton where he helped open and worked at the Wounded Warrior Center. He wanted to help other Marines coping with injuries from war. Between his struggles with becoming permanently disabled and PTSD there were a lot of dark moments and demons. His fight ended at the young age of 23.

Sean is survived by his parents Michele McCarthy and Ken Webster. His sister and her husband, Jessica and Ray Scopelliti and 5 nephews and a niece.
from Charlottesville, VA