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Shane Gay

“Shane was born in Towson, MD on 8/10/1989. A graduate of Westminster High School in 2007, he reached the rank of senior airman in the Air Force. He had been stationed in Misawa Air Base in Japan and Clovis in New Mexico. Shane loved life and probably did more in his 23 years on this earth then most people do in a lifetime. He was such a special young man and had so much potential. He enjoyed snowboarding, golf, biking, his dogs, Brownie and Hooter, and his cat, Petey. When Shane died, his friends from Japan created a Facebook page in his honor called “Friends and Family of Shane Brenton Gay.” It is amazing how Shane touched and had such a huge impact on so many of his friends’ lives. It makes me proud to be his mom.

It is just a shame that the Air Force let him down. He was getting help and had just had his medication changed to Paxil and Klonopin one month prior to his death. Shane had gone to his Sergeant on Monday asking for help – saying that he was having feelings of hurting himself. He was seen by someone in the clinic who sent him back to work and home. She said that since he did not have an active plan that he was okay and to come back in one week. That Thursday Shane went to Walmart purchased a rifle and shot himself that night. He was my only child and I miss him so much. I had contacted the Air Force with my concerns with the way Shane’s case was handled. They informed me that an investigation was made and changes were being made. I can only hope and pray that they did. But from what I am hearing I doubt that is true. I’ve included some pictures from a cruise we took with our family in 2012; it was the last time I saw Shane. Thank you again for including Shane in this unfortunate group of vets. I walk every year in our local American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I just wish there are more I could do.” Shared by Shane’s mom, Debbie