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Shawn Graves

In Memory of SSG Curtiss Shawn Graves USA

July 27, 1976 – May 23, 2022

Mr. Graves of Canton/Akron, Ohio, unexpectedly passed on May 23rd, 2022 in Canton Ohio. Affectionately called “Shawn,” was born on 27 July 1976 in Stark County, Canton Ohio a son of Judith Ann Pryor-Graves and Curtiss Graves. Shawn was a loving son, devoted eldest brother, steadfast father and dutiful friend. 

During his high school years, Shawn thrived as a student-athlete who held many accolades in basketball with such titles as “All Ohio” and countless MVP selections. Upon High School graduation, he attended Lackland Community College on a full-ride scholarship and began his military career in the world’s greatest Army shortly after earning his Associates Degree in Leadership. 

During his 15 years of faithful military service, Shawn held a variety of leadership positions, culminating as Squad Leader where he expertly led countless soldiers in combat during 2 Iraq tours, Germany, and South Korea. Having faithfully served his country, SSG Graves began to show signs of severe combat fatigue and medically retired in April 2015 (Ft. Sill, OK.). As testament to his caregiving spirit, he returned to Canton Ohio to care for his Mother, Sister, and Niece. 

As a family man, Shawn always went above his call of duty to ensure those connected to him were well cared for. He was an avid sports aficionado with a jovial laugh, a smile that lit up the room and a heart of gold. Shawn loved to travel and tell jokes over a great meal…the type of guy everyone always wanted around. Shawn loved to study the Bible with his favorite scripture: Psalm 91. Shawn also had a unique loving “presence” about him which intertwined with his gentle nature and sixth sense to organically comfort those around him. He was “Big Bro” to many but shared a kindred unbreakable bond with his siblings. He always had an ear to listen and often offered great advice without judgement. His style of dress was always dapper whether he wore a themed T-Shirt & sweats or a custom-tailored suit with matching fedora. As a devout military leader with many years of service, Shawn was poised and lead with both compassion and grace. 

Unfortunately, like many vets after years of service, Shawn lost his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression, which he silently battled for several years. Throughout it all, Shawn was a Man’s man; outstanding soldier, worthy opponent, trustworthy brother, loving son, and kindhearted friend who will remain our ever-present guardian angel. 

Shawn will be remembered by his loving family, Daughter, Paige Cook; Sisters: Catrice Henderson-Rhodes, Nakia Graves-Knight; Brothers: Chief Master Sergeant Micah (Melissa) Graves, Jermyah (Carmencita) Graves, Ianto (Jasmine) Hill, Trent (Christina) Graves, Bonus Dad: Melvyn C. Anderson; nieces and nephews.

Resting Place: Northlawn Cemetery in Canton, Ohio.

Submitted by Erica Lee Save 22

Graves Curtiss Shawn