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Travis Bradley

Travis would like to let you know that his work here is done. He received a call, a kind offer he couldn’t refuse, for an appointment from which he won’t be returning. This assignment comes with a huge sign-on bonus, a reunion with family and friends that he has not seen in a long while. The job security and benefits are really too good to be true. His new mission will be taking him to a wonderful place where he will be biking, running and watching and rooting for the War Eagles, from VIP seats in the sky box. The food, we hear, is delicious, and you never gain an ounce. His wishes for all of his loved ones, is to celebrate the time he spent here, for now it is completed.
Now is the time for us to all come together and make sure he knows that during his time here on earth, he did a great job. And we wish him well on this new journey. We will forever remember his great smile, silly faces, passion for the outdoors and his love for his family and friends. He was a hard worker, even right up to the very end. He had a huge heart and made a difference, in so many people’s lives. He had dedicated his life to God and lived knowing and feeling, the Lords love and grace.
Travis Bradley, 36, of Bel Air MD, earned is angel wings and flew to heaven, Wednesday March 2nd, 2016
Barton Travis Boyd Bradley was born on February 19, 1980, at St Mary’s hospital in Walla Walla, WA. to Barton and Mary Boyd Bradley. He graduated from Arcadia High School, Scottsdale AZ, in 1999 and then went on to spend 2 years at Scottsdale Community College. Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks on our country, Travis heard his calling and enlisted in the United States Army. He chose to be a part of the Infantry and he went on to complete his Basic training and infantry training at Fort Benning, GA. His first duty station was at Fort Carson, in Colorado Springs, CO. He was stationed there for 6 years and during those years he would end up being deployed to Iraq, twice, to fulfill two, one year tours. He was part of the Fourth Infantry 3rd Brigade, Company C. When he returned to Fort Benning, he taught land navigation. He loved being in the outdoors. He cherished all the beautiful sunrises and bragged frequently about “the view from his office was amazing”!! He recently relocated to Aberdeen Proving Ground, in Maryland, in June of 2015, where he took on a position with the Research Development and Engineering Command.
Travis’s greatest accomplishments are his two beautiful children, Emma Jane (born 2010) and Tatum Ryder (born 2013). He also took great pride in his 14+ year career with the US Army and had achieved rank of Staff Sargent. Travis was a true outdoors enthusiast. He loved distance running and participated in many rough terrain/obstacle course runs. He also loved cycling. He rode both long distance street cycling and off road mountain biking. It was nothing for him to say he was going out for a bike ride to only have him come home with a hundred mile ride under his belt. He enjoyed getting out and exploring new territory. He would fill his backpack up and off he would go, either on foot, bicycle or by taxi/tram/train. He would spend the day sightseeing and taking in the local cuisine. Taking photos and posting them for all to enjoy. He had recently gone on a weekend getaway, with Stacey, and learned to snow ski. Another item, he could finally check off his bucket list.
Travis is survived by his parents, Bart and Mary, of Scottsdale, AZ. his children, Emma Jane and Tatum Ryder Bradley, his soulmate and the keeper of his heart, Stacey Handshoe and their 3 fur babies Brownie, Bella and Zara, at the couple’s home in Bel Air, MD, four sisters, Bonnie (Travis) Martin, of Spokane WA, Brandy Lafferty, of Walla Walla WA, Dana (Tom) Patterson, of Nampa ID, and Katie (Marty) Melland, of Lake Stevens WA. He is also survived by a brother, Carrick Bradley, of Scottsdale AZ., along with numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.
Travis will be greatly missed by so many people, but we will remember him always. And we will reflect on a couple of his favorite sayings…”Jesus is my homeboy” and “what is impossible with man is possible with God” Luke 18:27
Final Rest: Blue Mountain Memorial Gardens in College Place, WA
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