In Memory Of:

Rocky Littlewind
Marine Corps

“My brother Rocky was my number one the day he was born. I promised him I would always take care of him. My sister and I helped raise him in his early years. We doted on him and his brother Ray who was just a little older than him. He was a fighter. So much energy. I was almost 9 when he was born. He was born in Devils Lake, ND. There wasn’t a time that I didn’t see a smile on Rocky’s face growing up. He was comical – loved making people laugh. No matter what, though, he had your back. He had so many friends because everybody loved him. Rocky loved his Native American Heritage. He loved Rolling Rock beer and Jameson. Growing up he played Army… I honestly never thought he would have joined the Marines. He was so proud of his service. I remember the day he called me and told me he was joining. He told me ‘I’m joining the best branch and I when I get done with my training.. I’ll be a badass and I’ll look good in my uniform.’ I never doubted him for a minute. Rocky loved guns and knives. That was his passion. Halloween was his favorite time of the year. Rocky loved dogs and he loved his family; he loved the drums. He was a truck driver who drove for Coke at the time of his death. He loved it. He loved driving for them. He loved snapchatting pictures of his truck. He was the last person I received a snap that day from. He had sent me a picture of the Coke Truck and as usual, we went through our normal bantering.. I always told him he was a dork for always taking pictures of that stupid truck! He hauled two trailers at a time. I’d give anything right now to get that darn picture again. We had planned on getting together that upcoming week for dinner.” Shared by his sister, Jody

Final Rest: Crary, North Dakota
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